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icarus espresso

icarus espresso.jpg
icarus espresso.jpg

icarus espresso


Introducing icarus espresso blend!

Our first attempt at an espresso blend was well received and tasted amazing in any way you can imagine. We enjoyed straight espresso, milk drinks, and even drip with this blend!

Welcome to icarus 2.0

If you enjoyed the first icarus, you’re in for a treat with this second iteration! So far, we prefer this current blend to its predecessor. It’s more vibrant, rich, and delicious and we believe you’re going to love it. Give this coffee a try in any brew method you prefer, you won’t be disappointed!

Colombia Antioquia Giraldo 🇨🇴 & Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Idido 🇪🇹

Flavor notes: cherry, fudge, maple

Whole bean.

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