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A New Idea.

A couple of months ago we found ourselves wanting to snag the last of what summer weather had to offer. Wanting to get outside again, we got ahold of our good friend and photographer Alex Strohl. It's pretty common thing to join forces, head to the outdoors and get lost for a day or two. However, this time decided to amp it up a notch. 

With the conditions and timing working in our favor we jumped at an idea that was swirling around in our heads for some time. Espresso in the mountains- done the real way. Armed with Alex's gorgeous La Marzocco Linea Mini set up, our coffee and a generator, we set the time to catch the first sunlight of the day. The vessel that would carry it all was an old Land Rover Series II. Needless to say, what followed was very unique and most certainly a highlight of the year. 


Just recently, La Marzocco caught up with Alex and interviewed him about the correlation between his photos and coffee. It's a wonderful article and you can find that here.

We've been asked, "why did you do this?". To a point, we have no reason. We simply wanted to try this out, be with friends and to enjoy a good cup of coffee in the outdoors. Now on a technical level, it was a ton of fun figuring out the logistics of what it would take get to get a quality espresso bar on top of a mountain. Turns out, it is possible. Perhaps you'll be seeing some more ideas like this in the future.....