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A New Coffee Awaits!

It seems that when the weather gradually becomes nicer, things start to unravel faster. Don't get us wrong, we're ok with this, it keeps us on our toes. As quick as our last two coffees left us, here we are with two new coffees we think you'll enjoy just as much. 

Peru La Palma & Guatemala San Pedro


Head to our store to grab a couple of bags to try for yourself (*note* sharing is caring).

These two coffees crept up on us in a wonderful way. After our trip to Seattle, we were noticing a huge, tasteful push towards many Central/South American countries. The interest there to really raise the bar in growing and producing extremely high quality coffee is quite captivating. That weekend we cupped many of these coffees that could easily compare to some of the best African or Colombian lots. If any of these coffees had lacked in an intense fruit berry flavor it made up for it in the sweet and smooth department. One after the other they continued to impress. We're proud to bring you two of those lots that we know hope you'll enjoy.