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A Trip to SCA.


Specialty Coffee Association


It is a place where pros, geeks, amateurs and coffee-converted convention center employees gather to enjoy the best coffee this world has to offer. If it has coffee attached to it, name it, it was there. Numerous floors of the best in the business flooded the Washington Convention Center in downtown Seattle for four days strait. And we got to be a part of it.

Coffee was everywhere. And as a "professional" we knew we needed to do things like eat food and drink water. Simple right? Sadly, on more than one occasion we got ourselves caught on the wrong side of the coffee to everything-else ratio. 

Thank you!

None of this would have been possible without the tremendous people at La Marzocco. Thank you so much for letting us come there and allowing us to man your booth, make coffee and enjoy our time with some of the coolest people we'll ever meet. We look forward to meeting up with you again soon!